APDR Vision and Mission Statements


    The APDR aspires to be the premier professional association in radiology dedicated to the needs of radiology residency and fellowship program directors.

    Mission Statement:
    (Approved by the Membership 4/15/2015)

    The Association of Program Directors in Radiology is an organization of residency and fellowship program directors and coordinators with the common goal of optimizing the educational experience for our trainees. Through an annual meeting, periodic communications, and material on its website, APDR enhances the professional capabilities of its members, provides them with the tools necessary to flourish in a rapidly changing healthcare environment and to be in compliance with regulatory requirements of the Residency Review Committee and the American Board of Radiology, and facilitates effective communication with those organizations and others with common interests.

    Specific functions of APDR include the following:

    1. It provides a forum for cooperation and innovation among program directors and program coordinators.
    2. It allows its members to share like experiences and to share solutions to common problems.
    3. It provides tools to enhance its members' leadership skills.
    4. It provides tools to enhance its members' teaching skills.
    5. It provides opportunities for career development for its members.
    6. It assists its members with recruiting strategies and other administrative responsibilities.
    7. It takes a proactive leadership role in curriculum development for residents and fellows.
    8. It supports the activities and needs of program coordinators through its sponsorship of the Association of Program Coordinators in Radiology.
    9. It provides educational resources and assessment tools to facilitate Milestone implementation at both the residency and fellowship levels.