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A Guide to the Administration of a Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program and a Handbook For Radiology Program Coordinators

A Work In Progress (First Posting April 2007)

Table of Contents:
I. Communication and Interpersonal Skills 
II. Organizations: An Overview 
III. Recruitment: ERAS 
IV. Appointment Process
Credentialing and Appointments
V. Program Administration
Resident Education Committee
End of Year Activities
VI. Finance
Budget and Payroll
Medicare Audit
VII. Accreditation
Program Agreements

Annual Timelines

Annual Timeline - July to June
Annual Calendar

Prepared by the Association of Program Coordinators in Radiology (APCR) Long Range Planning Committee:
  Rhonda Tuttle, Chair   Mary Ellen Hobler
  Lorraine Boone   Gloria Jorge
  Ralene Coble   Pam Krayewski
  Barbara Dimmit   Dianna Otterstad
  Carolyn Duckworth   Jill Philp
  Judy Fast   Sandy Sees
  Linda Galante   Lois Shuman
  Jackie Hansen   Tammy Skinner

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